What Worked for Your Business in 2019?

As we head into the Holiday Season, it usually becomes a time for reflection. I have owned my car for seven years now, I really need to put a system in my car that I have been putting off for years. Maybe even build that custom sub box using that sheet of wood that is still leaning against the wall since spring. Instead of looking at the things that you would like to do to your vehicle, let’s take a moment to reflect on categories that added to store’s bottom line.

The Self-Powered Sub Box

I admit, I never saw this coming. I am not sure if it is the ease of install, no specialized parts or people just want more bass in their vehicles, it definately made an impact on retailer’s floors. Alpine and Pioneer Electronics even hopped on the bandwagon, of the “Compact Powered 8-inch Subwoofer”. Almost every manufacturer has some form of “Compact Powered Subwoofer”, although this is not a new category, companies like JVC, Blaupunkt, and Bazooka have had this technology since the early 90s, why is it making a comeback?

DSP too Complicated?

If you use a reverse search engine tool, this is a service Google offers to see what people are searching on the internet in the last 30 days in your area, you might learn something very important to your business. We searched “DSP” with zero results, then we tried “digit sound processor”. The number of people searching “digit sound processor” was 1…yes “1”. Is retailers talking about DSP scaring customers away since they have no idea about this industry term?

What is Your Customer Looking For?

While exploring the reverse search engine tool, we found answers like this:

“Add Subwoofer to my Toyota Tacoma”
“Add bass to my Tacoma”
“My subwoofer sucks Chevrolet Silverado”

I think you get the idea, how to add a subwoofer! Maybe manufacturers have figured this out and just have done a horrible job telling retailers? There is also another fact, these same compact enclosures fit in today’s vehicles. In a world of stack fab enclosures and fiberglass, these prefab compact powered subwoofer boxes and roughly one-third of the price and work fairly well.

Have You Ever Had 4 Million Views?

Here is a YouTube video on “How Bad is the $70 subwoofer from Walmart”, it has over 4 million views in just over a year!

What’s even scarier than this, this Youtuber did another video on the $20.00 speakers from Walmart and he got 1.6 million views! Yes, this means this YouTuber got 5.6 million views in roughly one year!  Maybe it’s time to offer the best $299 amplifier/subwoofer combination in your area to get first-time car audio fanatics hooked or people simply looking at adding a subwoofer into your store?

That Is Not My Business!

Dealers have been expanding into Radar (dash mount), back up cameras, cellphone holders and tablet holders to increase their average invoice or create new business. Powered subwoofer systems can be a low-cost alternative offering within your stores. Did I also mention they need to be installed and require, in most cases, additional parts! No one usually wants to drive a minivan, or have a long commute to their jobs, but we can make their trips to work or school a little more fun. Watch the video, leave your comments below, and if you know someone that can benefit from this article, please share on your favourite social media platform.


*photo courtesy for Flickr.com

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