Selling Head Units for Vehicles in 2016 – Simple Right?

Selling Head Units might seem like a simple thing but is it?  With all the usual suspects Kenwood, Alpine, Clarion, and Pioneer, where to start?  How do you start the sales process?

In previous posts, I have stated that 90% of customers who come into your store have researched the world wide web.  If the customer likes brand “X” and the features, we try to make sure the customer’s needs are being addressed.  For example, Bluetooth for hands-free calling, etc.  A good salesperson would ask if they need other features, for example, Bluetooth Audio streaming, that they might need currently or in the future.  Once the features have been determined, we go to the product’s demonstration and hopefully – a sale!

Would you call this process “Sales 101”?

I was at a local Show ‘N’ Shine for Vision’s Electronics in Port Coquitlam, BC, this past weekend and had the chance to sit down with an industry friend.  We were bantering back and forth on selling head units, and he said this one simple statement:

“Is your current head unit doing everything you want it to do?”

I will repeat it…

“Is your current head unit doing everything you want it to do?”

Wow, with one simple statement, it qualifies and asks a question all at the same time!  If the customer says “yes,” you can move into OEM integration for speakers, amplifiers, and/or subwoofers.  If they answer “no,” and say, “I would like to have hands free Bluetooth calling or USB in for iPod control,” you can show them a head unit with the suggested features.  You are giving the customer exactly what they want!  And this is the best way to make a sale and have a happy customer!

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