Amplifier/DSP/EQ in one chasis?


I often get asked, “I want to upgrade my factory stereo; where do I start ?” This is a very subjective question.  Many people will say the head unit.  Let’s expand on this.

Almost every vehicle manufactured after 2010 needs a factory integration harness of some kind.  Usually costing $99-$199, before adding an install kit or antenna adaptor if needed.  Let’s do some quick math:

 Radio                       $299.99

Wiring kit                $149.99

Kit                             $ 49.99

Antenna Adaptor   $ 24.99

Before taxes and labor, $ 524.96

My basis for a $299.99 head unit is a triple pre-out, time alignment, crossovers, equalizer, etc. Roughly $650.00 for total seems fair.  For $650.00, what did we really change?  Does this change or really make a large impact and add value to the customer?

The Match amplifier line by Audiotec Fischer is taking a very different approach to the “upgrade” idea on a factory system. If you could double or triple the system’s power, add a true-time correction, add custom equalizer curves, and fully adjustable crossover setting to maximize factory speaker sizes and locations.  Would this make an impact on the customer experience?

The answer is – HELL YEAH!

For $449.99 retail, we can give this experience to the customer.  So let’s break this down:

Amp $449.99

Wiring Kit $ 69.99

          Before taxes and labor, $ 519.98

You might say, “, it’s the same price, why bother?”  It’s about making your store and your team look like the mobile electronic professionals that they are.  Let’s address the amplifier option and the online stores or cross-shopping within your city.

I can buy a Pioneer/Alpine/Kenwood head unit online. I could also purchase most installation parts from various sources online with a little bit of research.  You now have online stores and your competitors competing for their business and eroding your profit margins.

Using the amplifier idea, I believe the customer is getting a better value, and your store gets the labor from the installation AND sets up the amp.  Your team of professionals cannot be shopped online, and your staff’s knowledge cannot be purchased online or from your competitor.

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