The Winner of the 2018 Mobile Electronics Award for Loudest Voice on the Internet is…


With the nominations for the 2018 Mobile Electronics Awards coming to a close, there is one category winner that we all agree on…The Loudest Voice on the Internet – Ata Ehdaivand. This decision was made after we sat down for a frank interview with the face of the Facebook Group – Mobile Electronics Syndicate.


We have seen Ata’s Facetime videos fairly regularly, and he has recently gained our attention.  In the past year, he has expanded to “live” reporting from Knowledge Fest, “unboxing” videos and some pretty crazy rants. In his most recent video, Ata is seen cursing away at a crossover and screwing it to a board then dropping it. Taking a second look at this video, it turns out; he was describing how to and not to mount a crossover door relative to the hinge. If you install a crossover in the door, install the crossover as close to the hinge as possible to avoid excessive wear and tear on the crossover.

But why would he post this type of video on Facebook?  What is the possible reason? He isn’t promoting himself or his store. This is why we reached out to him, we asked him a straightforward question, why?

Ata went on to explain, starting in 2016, he been exposed to the Mobile Electronic Industry Awards for the first time. During the nomination process, he saw what others in the Mobile Electronic Industry were doing to bring their stores to the forefront of the industry. It was a real gut check moment.

After narrowly missing the top 12 for “retailer of the year” in 2016, he made it his mission not only to up his game but to up everyone’s game around him. Founded by Ron Hoser, the Mobile Electronics Syndicate, became his platform of choice on Facebook. Some people might not be able to get past his over the top demure or how he makes cursing into an artform, but his message is clear.

SHARE, it’s something we need to do more of in our industry. If you have a bad experience or have something that made you laugh, share it. “I am just a normal guy who has a shop, but I can share my experiences to make others in our industry better. Nothing I do, you can’t do, all I can tell you is what is or not working for me. What works for me, might not work for you, but I would love to hear what’s working for other people’s businesses!”- Ata Ehdaivand

Ata certainly has a vision for his store, and admits “He drives his staff crazy when he gets a new idea or direction for the store but how are we supposed to get better? I love what I do, and I wish more people would take the time to enjoy our industry. It’s a lot of fun, and no one dies if we make a mistake, be positive even when others might not be around you.”

In 2017, Ata’s Absolute Electronix received most improved Retailer of the Year and Trusted Tech, so it seems his peers have been responding to his unique style. We are halfway through 2018; maybe it’s time to for you to share “the best business practices” or even a funny customer story. Let’s take Ata’s lead, commit to three Facebook videos in 2018 and share. If you commit, we will commit to sharing your videos on our page. Think about what we would create, as an industry if we all created three pieces of content and shared it.

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