The SQOLOGY Syndicate

We were going through our comments section of one of our blogs and we came across this simple comment “Check out the SQOLOGY podcast!”. After a google search of “SQOLOGY” … we had to reach out to them.

After listening to the first half dozen episodes, they were raw and a little off the cuff, but what impressed us most was that these two guys were doing it. Regardless of the content, they were putting themselves out there. It became very apparent that they just wanted to promote conversation about our industry. Klifton Keplinger and Ben Zimmerman were just having a simple conversation and now they have expanded into industry member interviews.

Once we listened to this podcast we started to look for other podcasts that are 12-volt or car audio related programs, there were not too many to choose from. We could only find a few non-current programs. This really makes you appreciate what these guys are trying to do.

On a phone interview with the boys, we found out the podcast was just the tip of the iceberg, they have created their own sound quality circuit spanning across most of the United States. The SQOLOGY boys didn’t just create their own circuit, they work indirectly with two SQ Organizations IASCA and MECA. It is quite amazing that they are working together with these organizations and even offer feedback to help improve their partnership.

In 2018, SQOLOGY will be organizing events including involvement with Steel Valley Regionals, one of most prestigious events in sound quality in North America. What also impressed us was their corporate involvement with sponsors from manufacturers such as JL Audio, Hybrid Audio, Audionutz, Revelation Audio, Stinger, Audible Physics and Zapco.

Let’s do a quick recap, they self-publish a podcast, run sound quality events every other weekend, work with the biggest events/organizations in our industry, and even make time for charity events. Klifton and Ben do all this while still maintaining their day jobs. Obviously, their passion is contagious, why else would so many people want to partner up with them?

These average working guys are striving to improve and grow our industry by involving manufacturers, Car Audio Organizations and local brick and mortar stores. There is a Japanese proverb that says, “together we go forward, not together I go forward”. It was refreshing to talk to these two humble guys, and we look forward to working with them in the future. We would formally like to say, “Cheers boys, keep up the great work!” SQOLOGY is really worth checking out on your favorite podcast platform or on Facebook.

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