What are you doing to Promote the Car Audio Industry?

When you read the title “promoting the car audio industry,” sounds like a simple statement but is it?  If we asked what are you doing to promote the industry, not your store or yourself, can you answer this simple question?  As car audio enthusiasts, shouldn’t we be sharing our passion with others?  Isn’t that what the internet is all about?  Finding people as crazy and obsessed as you are on a particular topic.


When was the last time we went online and said why we love a particular brand, a memory or a fun story?  Tell someone about the company that went above and beyond for you, and that’s why you love them?  People are always ready to criticize but what about praise or just give a shout out?We came across the Facebook group called “306 Bassheads Car and Truck Club”, being a lurker on their page for some time.  We noticed the Club President, Tyler “Basshead” Archer, posted some club rules.

This club has weekly meetups and vehicle demo around the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan area, just like many car enthusiast’s groups around the country.  But they know not everyone loves big bass, but they want to represent their club and sport in which they love DB Drag Racing.  They even have club rules for events they attend, and one of these rules includes no Facebook or forum trolling.  We have never met Tyler, but we can respect the club and the efforts for promoting our sport and our industry.  In case you are wondering, this Facebook Group/Club of 6,000+ member isn’t supported or involved with any business in Mobile Electronics Industry, they do it because they love it.  Posted below is a photo of their club rules.

An article on this fantastic lady, Alma Gates was written back in 2016, we will include a link here to the article, she had a team called “Team Gates,” she also had a Team Charter.  To be part of Team Gates, you had to do one thing “love and promote the Car Audio Industry.” You can find a copy of her vision for promoting our industry for consumers and industry professionals posted below.

“I am including a list of requirements for Team Gates members.  They are easy to follow and as a friend said – “The Team Gates decal is more than just a logo. It is a banner of pride, promotion, and respect for others.”

Now that’s spreading passion, 306 Bassheads Car and Truck reminded us about Team Gates and reminded us in a world of cell phones and internet trolls there are still people who have meetups and get together to “talk car audio” merely because they love it.

Is promoting our industry by sharing a Facebook post a good thing?  If Kenwood’s new DVD double din radio with Apple Car Plays arrives in April of 2018, is being displayed on Kenwood’s Facebook page and you share it, is this promotion?  Why would I read this on your Facebook page, why wouldn’t I go directly to Kenwood’s official page instead?

Why not do a hands-on review in your store or your vehicle?  If you love it or hate, share and tell people why. Make it personal, show them why you like it or hate it and become an expert. Even compare it to another brand and say why it’s better or worse.  Or just have a launch party with twenty of your best customers and get their feedback and their comments on your Facebook and cross promote it on all twenty of your VIP customers Facebook pages.

We came across the Facebook page called “Car Audio” by Don Lester.  Personally, we had never met this gentleman from Miami, Florida, and he must post 8-16 times a day on Facebook from retailers across North America.  We noticed something different; he always says “repost from xxx,” he never claims it is his content.  He didn’t ask us to sign up for anything, not even an email address – he shares his passion. We thought we would reach out to him, and find out why he posts so much content but gives credit to others.

In an interview with us, he stated he shares the posts from Mobile Electronics list of Top 50 Retailers.  Mobile Electronics Magazine every year, hosts our industry’s version of the Academy Awards.  He feels that if someone has gone through the effort to share their installations, they should be rewarded. Don said, “so many retailers, are not actively promoting on any platform, i.e., Facebook or Instagram.  If I can help promote and support our industry by creating the Facebook group, it’s the least I can do.  I love this industry”.

If you’re an enthusiast or an industry professional, why not team up with a local car club or invite your own top 12 customers to your shop for a BBQ and tune-up of their car audio system?  If you’re an enthusiast, why not start your own local Facebook group and team-up with a retailer?  The retailer can post the event on their Facebook, and you get a warm place to test and tune your car.  That’s a win-win in our eyes.  Tell you what, you start a group, like our Facebook page and we will post your event for you.  We will even find you a retailer in your area if you need help. We have lots of industry friends and would love to help you promote our awesome industry.

If you’re not able to get out to local car audio events or there are not any fellow enthusiasts in your area, but still want to help promote this industry and tell your story.  We will post it for you; we will dedicate a section to enthusiasts. Post your trip to the 1993 IASCA World Finals in Dallas, Texas and the memories that went along with it.

These are great examples of people spreading their love for the industry.  I ask you again, what are you doing to promote the Car Stereo Industry?  If your reading this, you have a passion for Car Audio, let’s spread the word.

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  • Bill says:

    Let’s compare the kids of before and now. Has the interest of car audio been lost because of less promotion or less kids that want to get in it.

    If there is not the market why promote it.
    You will not get the market if you don’t promote it.

    Perhaps we not looking at the right market. Maybe we should look at the market where these young kids are grown up now. They remember those days. They have disposable income.

    Is this market too small
    Can we make it a father/son project

    How do you reach this audience.


    • admin says:

      I think this is an interesting quote from a CE Pro article, it made us think, if we were applying this to our traditional showrooms or promotions?

      “It’s not so much that Millennials and other modern-day customers want cheap; it’s more that they want simple, convenient and immediate.”

  • Roland Schoenke says:

    Excellent article, I’m trying to spread the joy on my Facebook page “CSI Comox Valley Car Audio, Buy, Sell and Brag.”

  • Another great article guys, Thank you for your passion to take our industry to new levels.
    It always amazes me that more of us (car audio guys/girls…obsessed) don’t promote/advertise/share what we do, why we do it and get others involved.
    Thank you

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