Music In The Car- What’s the big deal?

As humans beings, we have put stereos in everything…even places where you would never think you can add music. The home and car all obvious examples but what else:

  • Toolboxes
  • ATVs and UTVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats (every size and shape)
  • Hot tubs
  • Backyards, docks, and decks
  • Computers
  • Golf Carts

These are examples I see every day; why? I have an iPhone or some portable music player; it’s good enough. Headphones for lifestyle devices and your cellular phone have been trendy in the past three years; why?

I believe it because music has the ability to let your mind wander, forget about the stresses of life, and let you unplug for a moment. Let me expand, a bad day at work, significant other, kids, boss, school, you can tap your foot or sing at the top of your lungs to help release life’s hurdles. Think about it, when we were teenagers, we remember a certain song that reminds you (positively or negatively)…of someone special.

A few of us might remember that Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven,” it was the last song at every sock hop/dance throughout the late 70s-80s. Some of the huge hits from the hair bands of the 80s-90s were and still are awesome songs. My wife is younger than me, but her great memory is the “Ace of Base” CD when she bought her first car. She hears that CD (CD not a tape), and she remembers the feeling of freedom, driving her first car. I hear 12-16-year-olds still listening to AC/DC; even the blockbuster children’s movie Megamind with Will Farrell featured “Highway to Hell” as the villain’s theme song; why?

Here’s a great example, Queen’s “Rock You” reminds me of my high school basketball “Totem” tournament when the stands were shaking from everyone stomping their feet.   I vividly remember someone sneaking in a scarecrow type dummy dressed as a referee hanging from a noose on a long pole to remind the referee not to make bad calls. Someone snuck in a huge drum to play while the other team tried to make the big shots. How can I remember this so vividly?

Music. Music is more than a monotone beat or words. Those earphones that came with your lifestyle device suck; it’s not good enough. The consumer market has proved it. How? By buying those huge bulky headphones, you see people wearing. Huh? Those large headphones actually produce a little bass, not much but ten times more than the stock earbuds that you got for free. Vinyl records are making a staggering comeback these days; tons of record shows and swap meets around every weekend. Once again, why? Records and CDs have dynamic range; the music comes alive!

At the start of this article, I listed examples of places people installed stereos; those are examples of people saying headphones aren’t good enough. I want better sound; I want to FEEL the bass, hear, and feel the dynamic range. Why the car? We spend an absolute ton of time in our vehicles. Driving to work, school, daily activities, and carting the family around. All of these activities are pretty mindless; why not have some fun in the car? Headphones are illegal when operating any motor vehicle, but what else?

When you use headphones, you cannot share the music; the examples above share the music or experiences. And let’s not forget, I can converse with people and listen to their memories and experiences. Or sit there, don’t say a word, and let your minds wander together. Music can stimulate memories, emotions, or nothing at all. Music is personal for everyone, starts to look outside the box on where to enjoy music, and creates a space where you can create/share some new memories.

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