K40 Electronics Releases Its First Portable Radar Detector with Optional Remote Control and Laser Defuser Intergration


K40 Electronics’ Platinum100 portable radar & laser detector offers first-ever remote control options, longer range with LNA receivers, more customizable options, and “plug-in” Laser Defuser integration.

September 05, 2020, Elgin IL—K40 Electronics, a premier manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance automotive radar and laser protection systems, has introduced the Platinum100 Series portable radar & laser detectors. The Platinum100 is engineered to be the best, customizable speeding ticket defense available with over 40 years of cutting-edge product focus. All K40 Electronics products are backed by the world’s first and most comprehensive Ticket-Free Guarantee.

Long-Range Radar Receiver Technology

The new Platinum Series Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) radar receiver is more sensitive and has increased overall performance, more range, and allows more customization options. This new receiver assists drivers when it counts by offering up to 40% greater sensitivity and range on all police radar bands. Drivers can also expect more filtration options and tailored alert preferences giving more advanced warnings with fewer false alerts.

New Display and Convenience Options 

OLED Multi-Color Display – Drivers will be able to choose from a variety of options to customize the display for their vehicle’s aesthetics and driving preferences. These customizable features include display color, display layout, 3-bar or 5-bar signal strength readout, All-Threat Mode, vehicle battery voltage, and clock readout.

USB Port: future-ready- Easy to update if and when new threats emerge.

Headphone jack – Allows alerts to be heard using in-ear 8-ohm headphones or an external speaker. Vehicle and motorcycle drivers can use this jack as an additional option for hearing radar and laser alerts.

Single-cup swivel mount – This mount is a robust and durable mount that limits vibrations and allows drivers to adjust the unit for optimum viewing angles. Drivers in all vehicles will be able to mount their Platinum100 for maximum visibility and accessibility.

Power supplies: Two power cords included –One 10 foot straight cord for hardwiring the Platinum100 in one vehicle and a 4.6-foot coiled cord for use in a second vehicle.

Focus on the Real Threats with Advanced Filtering

Radar Band Selectivity – Drivers will be able to select how much or little of the K-band or Ka-band frequency spectrum they want to be alerted to. By focusing on specific band segments, drivers can expect increased warning times.

Ka-Band Filter – Ka-band filter enables filtration of Ka-band non-police radar signals, such as other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands. Drivers will enjoy the confidence of filtering out the non-police alerts and knowing where the real threats are. Just like K40’s K-band filter, used to silence vehicles with radar-based safety features, this filter does not affect the Platinum100’s range and performance against police threats. 

Auto Filter – The “Auto” setting in the City/Highway filter automatically adjusts range and sensitivity based on your vehicle’s speed. This feature is perfect for drivers who like a “set it and forget it” approach to minimizing non-police alerts in low-speed situations while maintaining maximum sensitivity in higher speed scenarios. 

MultaRadar CD/CT Detection – Enable this feature for advanced warning to MRCD speed cameras found in select cities in the US and Canada.

 All New Customization and Add-On Options

World’s First Remote Control Option – Never take your eyes off the road again  

The K40 Platinum100 is the world’s first portable radar detector to offer a remote control option. For the first time, drivers will have the option of purchasing the Platinum100 with a wireless RF remote control included (K40-100 RC). Remote controls put all the control functions of the system at the driver’s fingertips. With this new technology, drivers will no longer have to reach across their dash to the windshield to adjust their Platinum100’s customizable settings. 

Connected Laser Defusers-Laser protection, not just detection

The Platinum100 is K40’s first-ever portable with the option of integrating alerts from K40’s Laser Defusers. Sold separately and requiring professional installation, the Laser Defusers plug into the Platinum100 and give driver’s laser alert information and Defuser function control, providing complete protection from both radar and laser speeding tickets.

Laser Defuser Transmit Control – If equippeddrivers can now switch Laser Defusers to receive-only mode at any time during a police laser encounter with a quick press of the mute button. This feature allows the driver to instantly turn off the jamming signal transmitted to the laser gun and allow police to obtain a speed reading. 

External Mute Button- Drivers will now have the option to purchase an external mute button to be installed in an easy-to-reach location inside their vehicle. Easy access for quick mute and Defuser control.

“K40 has a history of integration, ease of use, and customization,” said Rachel Clark, K40’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “K40 is offering all of this with the Platinum100; along with the convenience and safety of a remote control option, drivers will enjoy more range and performance than ever before”.  

K40 Feature Favorites

While the new Platinum100 Series includes many technological and feature enhancements, drivers have the same confidence-inspiring features that made K40 Electronics the most trusted name in ticket-free protection: 

  • GPS features like: 
    • Mark To Mute- Mute a non-police radar signal in a specific area.
    • Mark To Alert- Alert to a specific location like a school zone or red light camera.
    • Quiet Ride- Choose when you want to be alerted based on your vehicle’s speed.
  • Ticket-Free Guarantee- K40’s most comprehensive guarantee in the industry for 40 years and counting. 


The K40 Platinum100 portable radar detectors are available with a wireless remote control (K40-100 RC) or without (K40-100) throughout the US and Canada from K40 authorized mobile electronics retailers and automotive dealerships. 

About K40 Electronics 

Established in 1977 and named 2017 Mobile Electronics Vendor of the Year, K40 Electronics offers a full line of driving protection solutions for every vehicle and driving style.  K40’s commitment to product excellence – coupled with the real-world expertise and dedication to exemplary customer service – has been instrumental in K40’s successful history in the category and exceptionally high customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

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