7 Mistakes the Modern Mobile Audio Salesmen are Making and Three Ways to Get More Sales!

          In a time when blogs, reviews, and YouTubers are everywhere, customers can get information from anywhere via their tablets, laptops, and mobile devices, why would they go into a store?  They can simply go to a review, then use the link provided to amazon.com and two days later, it’s at their door!  This might work for cellular phone cases, but what about electronics that need to be installed, demonstrated, or explained how it works?

Seven Mistakes the Modern Salesmen are making today:

  1. Believing the customer in your store is “just-looking”. As stated above, the customer could simply stay at home and research the product.  We must recognize that the customer came into your store to see or try a product.
  2. Not having the proper tools to demonstrate products. For example, an iPod type device or USB device with at least twenty songs (yes, twenty songs and three videos)
  3. Not taking being a 12-Volt Salesman seriously. People come to us expecting us to be experts and help guide them through the buying experience.  If we don’t take buying a car stereo seriously maybe the guy at the computer store will.
  4. Eating on the sales floor. People do not want to smell your lunch or feel they are disturbing you.
  5. Not having a demo system in your own vehicle. This doesn’t mean you must have eight subwoofers and ten amplifiers.  How can you sell it, if you don’t use it yourself?
  6. Not using some sort of social media. This doesn’t mean “SALE, SALE” posts/emails, this means you can tell your story of exactly what your store offers.  When I read “John’s Car Stereo” does this describe your store and your services?
  7. Not asking your sales representatives of your products for training or support. It’s their job to help you sell their products.

This list might be overwhelming, but the good news is you have 100% control over these seven mistakes.  Let’s start taking action on three of these mistakes today.

  1. Be respectful of your customer’s time, ask real questions and offer solutions to their needs. Offer to show them a new technology, use CarPlay, Android Auto or demonstrate a DSP (digital sound processor) as conversation starters then say, “Sorry I got sidetracked, I should be asking what brought you in today”.  This will show you are really “into” car audio.  If you were going to buy a 2017 Ford Mustang, would you want to buy it from some guy sitting at a desk showing you a brochure or the guy who loves Mustangs at the dealership and wants to share the Mustang experience by getting your ass in the seat and pressing down the throttle?
  2. Proper tools, in the late 90s, all you needed were some CDs, a pen, and a calculator. Well, technology has changed, therefore; so, should you.  You need the following:
  • Two CDs of Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga and classic rock like “AC/DC Back in Black”.  Why Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga?  They are huge artists, it will cover roughly 70% of your customers that come in, and AC/DC will cover 20% of your customers by covering new country and old rock customers.  If the customer says he doesn’t like that music, ask them to bring their own music from the vehicle, etc.  Remember, it’s not what you listen to, it’s what your customers do.
  • Buy some albums, yes complete albums, in a digital format in Apple Lossless or FLAC.  Why not download from YouTube?  First off, it’s illegal, second you want every product you sell to sound the very best it possibly can.  After the customer has purchased it, they can listen to whatever they want.  You need to have these albums on a USB stick and an SD Card, you must be able to demonstrate any way the customer wants.  SD Card?  If being able to demonstrate an SD card to the customer gets you two sales a month, it’s worth every penny.
  • A Bluetooth stream device, this can be your phone, with the songs in the same format (Apple Lossless or FLAC) downloaded to the phone.  Absolutely no reason to have them streaming via cellular or Wi-Fi networks etc., remember we want to make your products sound the best they can.
  • These items will cost you less than $50.00…these items with make you over $50.00 a month easily and make you come across as a Mobile Audio Sales Professional.
  1. Take being a Mobile Audio salesperson seriously, it’s a great job, we make money selling awesome technology and it can impact people’s lives by integrating their technology into their vehicles.  Don’t forget, we have limitless income, the more we sell, the more we make.  Make every customer count!  Here is a scenario; If you currently close 2/10 customers that come in your store a day and if you then close 3/10 customers a day by investing in yourself, this would make you 50% more commission than you make now by selling to ONE more customer a day.  Even if it’s $20.00 a day for 21 working days that is $420.00 a month.  That’s a great return for investing $50.00 in yourself and your professional salesperson toolkit.

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